Earthing Our Songselves

‘Earthing Our Songselves’ – an Eye of the Storm writing retreat day with Fiona Owen

Using exploratory and creative writing and reading activities, we will take a lead from Jonathan Bate to explore ourselves in relation to the natural world at a time of climate change. On ‘ecopoetics’, Bate writes in The Song of the Earth: ‘Ecopoetics asks in what respects a poem may be a making (Greek poiesis) of the dwelling place – the prefix eco- is derived from the Greek oikos, “the home or place of dwelling.”’

This is an invitation to take time out from busy life to explore, in an open, creative and supportive way, some vital and vitalising questions related to this theme. The word ‘poetry’ can be interpreted loosely to include storying, too.

Where: Llanfaelog Community Hub/Hwb Cymuned Llanfaelog (formerly known as Llanfaelog Village Hall), Isle of Anglesey/Ynys Môn

Price: £25

Hot drinks and biscuits will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch.

Pre-booking is essential – the room can only comfortably accommodate around twelve participants. Please use the contact link to get in touch, if you would like to book – thank you.

A very warm welcome/Cofion cynnes i bawb.

One thought on “Earthing Our Songselves

  1. Hello Fiona

    I can’t see when this is – have looked at the website.

    I’m currently editing the Spring 19 QCA newsletter which comes out at the end of April. Have you a calendar of courses for this year? I can flag them up in Events.

    By the way, you gave me permission to use this poem (below). Are all the details correct? (I could mention your courses at the end).

    Trust your knee is keeping good. I looked at the pics of the dogs on Facebook this week. They are now grown up and adorable.

    Right now I am in my new study which is small and cosy, accompanied by the very loud sound of an electric saw in the bathroom next door. Plus very loud banging and a transistor radio. Plumbers Glyn and Wayne are doing a fantastic job putting our bathroom back together after a flood which occurred 5 days after we moved in. Several rooms (well most of them) are, for various reasons, out of action. Nonetheless I really like this house. My painting things are still in boxes and I am getting restless to create.

    That said, it’s editing newsletter time once more and, once again, I think about giving up, then do nothing about it…….

    Much love, AnnSun on the Jackdaw

    Sun on the jackdaw

    brings a deep blue to sleek black

    and I am back with the leaves, the leaves

    and the flash of wing amongst them,

    and the way the wind sings

    and the rain brings a deep sheen

    to the green of the things I lean into,

    peering through that vegetable glass,

    adding to my lexicon, greening my grammar.

    Fiona Owen

    From ‘Summer Grasses’ in The Green Gate (Cinnamon Press, 2015)



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